We live in a big city.  Below are a few common sense recommendations to improve our security:

  • Read What's the best way to have packages shipped to my home?
  • If there's a break in, please file a police report
  • Submit a Freshdesk ticket ASAP if your garage remote (fob) was stolen so that we can deactivate them immediately.
  • Store bags, electronics, coins or anything valuable where they cannot be seen from outside your vehicle.
  • Locked doors must be closed behind you. They are locked for security reasons.
  • If someone you don’t know follows you into the building, please ask them nicely, “I’m not sure we’ve met. What unit are you in?” If they are visiting, tell them that they need to call the unit they are visiting for access. Do not let them in.
  • The door stopper on the rear elevator door is for convenience when actively loading or unloading things. If you prop the door open, it is your responsibility to close it.
  • It is your responsibility to monitor any contractors that you have working for you. Please ensure that they follow our house rules and do not leave locked doors wide open all day long.