Like many large condo complexes in the Bay Area, we have chronic issues with package delivery.  
  1. Delivery services leaving door tags instead of using the intercom.
  2. Delivery services leaving packages unattended in the lobby or outside on the landing or stairs.
To workaround these issues, you may want to consider the following:
  1. Enable email or text notification for your shipment.
  2. Enroll in these free delivery tracking and notification services from various carriers. These services provide tracking and notification even for packages of which you might not be aware.
  3. Retrieve deliveries as soon as confirmation is received.
  4. If a package is stolen, please file a missing package claim with vendor or credit card company in order to receive a full credit

  5. Ship packages to your work address
  6. Schedule deliveries using the Doorman service which costs $7/delivery
  7. Purchase a P.O. Box
    1. Verified that they can all receive USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL deliveries.
    2. USPS (one block away) = $124/year
    3. UPS Store (one block away) = $219/year
    4. PO Plus (three blocks away) = $3/package/day or $300/year

To request a review of the lobby webcam footage for a missing package, open a Freshdesk ticket with the following information: recipient name and unit, merchant (Amazon, Safeway, etc.) delivery carrier (Amazon, DHL, FedEx, Safeway, UPS, USPS, etc.), the exact date and time of delivery provided in the carrier confirmation email or text message, a description of the package (box, envelope, big, small), and the precise date and time that the package was noticed missing. Note that the webcam only records when it senses motion or sound and that recordings are automatically deleted after a week.