There are two small wall-mounted grey metal boxes that contain yellow timer dials.

  1. Boiler timer is mounted on the wall inside the boiler room next to the door that leads to the recycling area.
  2. Auxiliary circulation pump timer is labelled "Circulation Pump" and is located inside the garage to the right of all the PG&E meters.  There is another timer there but it's for the exterior lights.
It's important that you change the timers for both the boiler and auxiliary circulation pump to match. Otherwise, heat may not be properly distributed to the top floor in the rear of the building.

There are two cases where you might need to adjust the timers.
  1. Daylight Saving Time
    1. Pull the yellow dial out and turn slightly until the silver pointer labelled "time" indicates the current time.
    2. Push the yellow dial back into place
  2. Temporarily change from normal operating hours to 24/7 during periods of extreme cold
    1. Unscrew and remove the two little tabs labelled "off" which are attached to the yellow dial
    2. Make note of how and where they were attached to the dial so they can be easily replaced
    3. Place off tabs in the bottom of the box so they can be easily found
    4. Move the silver handle underneath the dial from off to on