Like many buildings in San Francisco, we had a chronic problem with vehicle break ins and packages being stolen from the lobby. After some research, it was discovered that the one remaining door code in the intercom system was used by Kone and Pribuss because their techs don't carry keys for their customers. That code had also been handed out to residents, dog walkers, housecleaners, etc without the approval of the board.

In December 2013, the board asked the property manager to change the code. To prevent the new code from being distributed without board approval, we also instructed the property manager:

  1. Make sure Kone and Pribuss are aware that they should make every effort to keep the code private.
  2. Do not share the new code with anyone else (including board members). 
  3. If there's a need to give out the code, please present it to the board for a vote.