1. Browse to
  2. Click Login
  3. Click Login Here

  4. Login using the admin email address and password. Current board members can request access to this info. 

  5. Click the Admin button (looks like a gear)

  6. Click Agents button

  7. Delete the account for the previous property manager. We have to delete the account because our free license has a max of three agents. 

  8. Click New Agent button

  9. Enter the new property manager's email address

  10. Scroll down and set agent role to Administrator and add them to the Property Management group

  11. Click Save and the property manager should receive an email that will help them get started with Freshdesk
  12. Click Admin button again
  13. Scroll down and click Dispatch'r button

  14. Click Edit button next to Assign New Tickets to Property Manager

  15. Enter the property manager's email on the line that starts with "Requester email is not..." This should prevent automatic out-of-office replies from generating new tickets. 

  16. Assign to Agent should be set to the new property manager

  17. Click Save

  18. Click Tickets button on the left side

  19. Change the view to show All Unresolved Tickets

  20. Check the box to select all unresolved tickets

  21. Click Assign to reassign all unresolved tickets to the new property manager

Google Groups

  1. Browse to!forum/mnannouncements
  2. Click Manage button
  3. Click Direct Add link. We have to direct add PM1 staff because they don't have Gmail accounts.
  4. Fill in the new property manager's email address and confirm email subscription option is set to All Email. When you're ready click the Add button to add the new members.
  5. Once again, browse to!forum/mnannouncements
  6. Click Manage button
  7. Click All Members
  8. Check the box next to the new property manager
  9. Click Actions -> Set Posting Permissions -> Override - Allow Posting
  10. Repeat the same steps for the other two groups!forum/mnboardofdirectors!forum/mnhomeownersforum