How to fix the gate when it is off track

Sometimes the gate gets knocked off its track. It will probably still open and close but it will be louder than usual. It may appear a bit warped or bent. If that happens, it's easy to fix with two adults.

  1. Trigger the gate to open using a remote.
  2. At the point when it's fully open, two adults can easily lift it back onto the track.
  3. The reason you don't lift when it is closed is because it's wedged into the frame under some pressure. When it opens, it will probably pop back off the track. 

How to fix the gate when it is stuck open

It happens very rarely but if there's a problem with the gate, it may get stuck open.  

  1. Use a remote to trigger the gate to close.
  2. If you're not the property manager or a current board member, please submit a maintenance request instead of troubleshooting any further.
  3. If the remote doesn't close the gate, it can be reset using the switch in the recycling area located to the right of the door to the boiler room. Please see the attached picture for more details.
  4. The key for the switch is in the lock box in the secretary's closet. It can be accessed by the property manager or any of the current board members.
  5. Please note you will need to push the key into the keyhole a bit harder than normal in order to turn the switch. 
  6. Turn the key, wait 10 seconds, and then turn it back and remove the key
  7. The gate should be reset at this point
  8. Trigger the gate with a remote or card in order to close it