From: Jim Levesque

Sent: Tuesday, June 11, 2013 1:54 PM
To: Casey Klein
Subject: RE: 17th st carpets


Hello Casey,


The carpet on the common area staircases is Shaw Mack 20 it is a 100% permacolor polypropylene solution dyed product. It will have a natural resistance to staining and can be cleaned with a light bleach solution if necessary. We don’t recommend to scotchguard commercial areas because if the stain sets and goes through the stain protection it is then very difficult if not impossible to get cleaner to the stained area.

Scotchguard is placed on carpet to protect from stains and when something is dropped on the product it should be cleaned quickly so the stain does not set. The home owners should have the carpets cleaned about once a year to maintain appearance.


Hope this helps.





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